CAD / CAM System

rotoCAD is a software product which allows you to easily and quickly generate rotor and stator profiles (Moineau profiles) from scratch, compare with imported actual measurements and easily apply necessary adjustments!

• RotoCAD is a real productivity and efficiency booster for your staff!
• Generation of stator and rotor profiles based on custom input parameters
• Import and export of data points
• Integration capabilities
• Measure & Correct
• Import measurement results and overlay for verification
• Single- and multi-point transformations (adjusting, addition, deletion)


TopSolid Corporate and TECHSOFT Datenverarbeitung GmbH are glad to announce a reliable Partnership with FS-Maschinenbau GmbH. Our 3 companies share strong values in excellence and a need for a powerful 4.0 software chain in digitalization for Rotor and Stator equipment. This is an exclusive offer for our customers who will be able to benefit from the combined expertise and excellence of FS-Maschinenbau GmbH with TOPSOLID solutions. We are thrilled and really looking forward to this partnership. TopSolid as a leading CAM software provider combined with FS Maschinenbau's new Rotor Milling Center RMC1000, will set new standards for the industry. Together we will enforce our customer commitment to deliver state-of-the-art CNC machines with integrated state-of-the-art CAM software to guarantee maximum flexibility in programming and operating our machines.