Rotor Polish Manual Unit

Especially for coated rotors, stator cores, plastic screws and other cylindrical parts we offer a manual or semi-automated polishing machine equipped with a belt and / or grinding disc unit. The machine is operated manually by the operator. However, the operator does not have to expend any strength as the machine takes over the strenuous work. Great importance is attached to the simplest possible operation and high user-friendliness. The machine is equipped with an exhaust air system to extract the dust from where it is generated. As with all FS machines, the length and equipment of the machine can be tailored to customer requirements.

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Turnkey Rotor Polishing - Manual Unit lathe with pneumatic polishing head for most efficient polishing of:

• Single and multilobe rotors

• Conical and cylindrical extruder screws

• Cylindric shafts, rods, round bars, and rolls

Solid welded machine base with integrated sheet metal drip tray and backwall for wet polishing. Machine bed with 2 high precision hardened guideways for workpiece supports and tailstock. Main polish-ing unit and up to two more slides for wheel operation or/and hand tools also move on 2 high precision hardened guideways, mounted on top of c-shape machine bed design. Machine will be delivered, fully assembled, in one 40’ OT HC standard container – “plug in and play”. The machine touch display has the option of entering the part number and the associated values for pitch length and rotational speed, saving it and being able to call it up immediately if the same workpiece is repeated. Mechanical, ad-justable end stops define the horizontal travel in Z. The polishing unit moves independently within this travel and follows the previously entered pitch. As soon as the end stop is reached, the polishing unit automatically lifts off the workpiece and moves to the waiting position. This means that there is no damage to the workpiece if the operator cannot intervene in time.

Technical Informations

Workpiece Diameter

20 - 300 mm

Workpiece Length

1500 - 8000 mm

Machine Capacity


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