Rotor Polishing Center

The RPC 700 is proof that simplicity can also be the best option. This fully enclosed machining center is designed for maximum safety and dust collection, providing fast, reliable, and accurate performance.

Using a 140-inch long belt, the RPC 700 maximizes efficiency. A fully automatic forward and backward polishing process, combined with adjustable speeds between valley and peak, leads to the best possible polishing results.

Additional benefits of the RPC 700 include the ergonomic and walkable machine interior, which is designed for ease of use and accessibility. The high-speed aluminum polishing head with integrated dust suction is another valuable feature, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and free of debris.

The RPC 700 is a dependable, efficient, and versatile machining center that is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve the best possible results in rotor/statorcore polishing. With its user-friendly design, superior performance, and reliable safety features, the RPC 700 is the ideal solution for your polishing needs.

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• Fully enclosed machining center for maximum safety and dust collection

• 140“ long belt to maximize efficiency in one run

• Fully automatic forward and backward polishing process

• Adjustable speeds between valley and peak leads to best polishing results

• Ergonomic, walkable machine interior

• High speed aluminum polishing head with integrated dust suction

Technical Informations

Workpiece Diameter

35 - 300 mm

Workpiece Length

1500 - 10000 mm

Machine Capacity


Machine Dimensions

12000 x 39000 x 3900 mm


25000 kg

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