Rotor Straightener

Hydraulic NC straightening machine with heavy C-shape main press cylinder housing. Work-piece movement horizontally, vertically, and rotationally for high precision straightening of your round material. Our RS400 allows our customer to measure on the machine, measure within the lead and straighten accurately with the joystick. Different prisms enable optimal processing of different diameters, optionally our straightening machine can be supplied with oxy-fuel connections for hot straightening.

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• Pressure: 250 metric tons

• Rotation in uplifted position through Gearbox motor and pushbuttons on control panel

• Longitudinal Movement of Rotor through Gearbox motor and pushbuttons on control panel

• Hydraulic Workpiece clamping

• Main Machine C-Shape base: ca. 6.000 kg

• Longitudinal tables: welded steel tube frame with milled surface and hardened guideways for high accurate longitudinal movement of Rotor; modular extendable

• Straightening accuracy up to 0,01mm

Technical Informations

Staightening force

100 - 400 kN

Staightening accuracy

Up to 0,01mm


300 - 14000mm

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