Automated Stator Adhesive Booths

Another important production step in the stator production is to apply special glue to the stator pipe before injecting the rubber.
This serves to ensure that the steel pipe and rubber form an almost inseparable connection in order to withstand the torques that occur.

With the Stator Tube Adhesive Booth, FS offers another solution along the process chain for a successful stator production.
The booth is available for manual, semi-automatic or full automatic operation.

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The aligned steel tubes are placed on a chain storage belt. The size of the storage can be customized upon customer request.
From there, the steel pipes are transferred to the gluing area with integrated exhausting system.
There, the adhesive head moves into the steel pipe using a telescopic rod and coats the inside of the pipe by using adhesive rollers or a spraying head.
After completion of the coating process, the tube is transferred to the temperature controlled drying room.
Finally, the rotor is then ejected from the automatic machine again, where it waits on a chain storage belt for its further processing.

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