Stator Core Puller

The FS stator core puller is used to pull the cores fully automatically from up to 6 m long vulcanized stator tubes with various diameters.

Using a hoist or crane, the operator inserts the pipe into an adjustable pipe holder. The appropriate tube with the belonging parameters is conveniently selected from the tube library on the control panel. The tube library contains the pipe parameters like pipe type and length as well as number of lobes, angle, and pitch with the belonging extraction speed and torque. After starting, the machine begins automatically to pull the core out of the stator using a secured combination of pulling and rotating movements.

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The machine status is shown on a 2-color traffic light (green, red). In case of an error, belonging messages are displayed on the operator panel in local language. The resulting forces generated during extraction can be observed via a diagram / trend, the file can be saved and used further to optimize the extraction parameters.

The machine is equipped with a safety light barrier and a protective fence. Because of this, the machine is fully accessible for the operator, can be easily loaded and unloaded, and guarantee perfect personal protection for your employees.

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