Automated Stator Vulcanization Systems

FS delivers state of the art, fully automated vulcanization baths which are used to vulcanize stators. This system can also become fully integrated into your production system to load stator pipes fully automated.

In the first step the rubber is injected into a stator pipe by using an extruder. On the second step, the stator pipe will be vulcanized in the FS vulcanization bath.
FS vulcanization baths use a special fluid (glycol) in combination with a unique temperature control. This guarantees that stators, compared to the autoclave system, are heated up faster and above all homogeneous, which leads to a much higher vulcanization quality as well as higher productivity.

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Our stainless steel, double wall, full insulated, and electrically heated vulcanization bath are controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC. The display shows all settings, heating diagrams and trends in real time at a glance.
The target temperature and the individual stator parameters can be conveniently entered via the operator panel or uploaded by prepared programs.
FS offers this system in various sizes, customized to your needs. The full modular system allows a further capacity expansion at any later time.

Process: The operator or a fully automated lifting system places the rubber filled stator pipe into the basin. On the operator panel you can select the belonging pipe program with stored parameters or enter parameters manually.
Via a 3-color traffic light (green, yellow, red) in combination with an acoustic signal the actual status is visible, and the end of the vulcanization time is indicated.
In case that an error accrues, a visual and acoustic warning signal in combination with error messages, are highlighted on the operator panel.

Language selection, leakage and wire break monitoring are standard at FS vulcanization baths. Operating and production data monitoring via Ethernet as well as the remote maintenance service is available on request.

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