On Request

FS Maschinenbau offers beside the mechanical engineering also special manufacturing of any kind of products. Here we have listed a part of our production machines with which we can supply our customer the perfect products.

Special Purpose Machinery

FS offers its mechanical engineering expertise not only to the oil and gas industry.
Other customers from the plastic, steel and chemical industry also count on our know-how.
For you we build and develop special machines as well as devices according to your specifications and requirements.
As a first step, we work out a detailed specification together, which we turn in the second step into reality for you.

Job Order Production

A well-equipped machine shop, high skilled employees with many years of manufacturing experience guarantee a successful job order production for you!

FS Maschinenbau is the reliable partner for the job order production of complex special parts. We work for all big and small industries!
Especially in the oil and gas, plastic, steel, and chemical industry parts out of the FS production are finding their usage.
No matter if single or serial parts, machine components or whole plant apparatuses, based on provided drawings, we deliver with a fixed price and accurate lead times.

Our machines:

  • Bohrwerk AC-100-k4; 729
  • Drehmaschine konventionell VOEST-Alpine W1003
  • Drehmaschine konventionell VOEST-Alpine W802
  • Wohlenberg E 1000 B
  • CNC Fräszentrum HAAS VF5 / 40
  • Rundschleifmaschine Schaudt 11250 UR
  • Flachschleifmaschine
  • Wuchtmaschine Cimat, Type CMT3500H2C

Retrofit of existing machinery

A retrofit includes various measures aimed to extend and increase the efficiency and performance of the machine.

FS is the right partner to upgrade your existing used machinery. Using our CNC machine specific know-how, we handle the entire project for you - A single source service!
We guarantee an increased availability of your machine through reduction of wear and tear. No matter, mechanical components and / or complete drive systems can be upgraded.
All of these lend new shine to the old machine, enhance its performance and increases the life time tremendously. With a retrofit, you as a system owner can benefit from long-term increase in efficiency and energy savings, increased machine availability, improved replacement part availability as well as significantly lower costs compared to the acquisition of a new production system.

Automation of existing machinery

You have an old manual or semi-automatic machine? You want to add an PLC or CNC control to your machine? Ask us for a quote!

FS is the right partner to upgrade your existing used machinery.
Our software and program specialist in combination with our mechanics are the right choice to increase the output of your machinery.